Your Brand Mentor, Alisa Kireeva, is a seasoned buyer at Harvey Nichols Kuwait. She holds extensive knowledge of the Russian and Middle East luxury market. She is currently buying Women’s RTW, Handbags, Accessories, Sunglasses and Jewellery.

Kireeva’s specializes in helping brands develop a well curated product line that tells a clear story to both retailers and consumers and helping with market positioning. She works closely with designers and sales teams on developing bespoke growth and development strategy, collection phase planning, trend forecasting, and pricing strategy. She also holds experience with the luxury Russian Market.

Her role at WE are COCO is to help brands build confidence, experience, and the correct creative approach to deliver a unique and desirable product mix whilst growing sales and market share.

What to expect from your time with Alisa:

  • Assortment Curation
  • Trend Analysis & forecasting
  • Product development
  • Price and market positioning
  • OTB, Sales planning
  • Seasonal strategy planning
  • Sales analysis
  • Target audience analysis
  • Developing approach strategy for Middle East market
  • Growth strategy for major Middle Eastern regional retailers


  • Harvey Nichols Kuwait (current)
  • KM20 Moscow (Russia)
  • Boutique Premiere (Russia)
  • WeAuthenticate (UK)


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