As a leading managment consultancy, WE are COCO offers a comprehensive range of services led by retail thought leaders. WE cater to businesses of all sizes, whether it's one-on-one strategic consultancy, dynamic multi-team approaches for commercial growth, or professional development, our services cover a wide spectrum.



Meet the Buyer:

A one-on-one initiative that connects brands and business owners directly with buyers and key decision-makers at the world's leading retailers for mentorship, collaboration, and product development.

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Internship for Mentorship:

Our four week accelerator program for learners of corporate trainers looking to acquire new retail skills, up-skill  or re-skill existing staff. This intensive program connects ambitious learners with global retail mentors, skills, and job opportunities in retail.

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Commercial Development:

A strategic approach to wholesale and distribution, tailor-made for businesses with a turnover of $1 million or more.

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