WE are COCO, is a leading management consultancy and brand development agency based in London and Houston. WE provide unparalleled access to industry experts through an extensive network of 350+ buyers, creatives and executives in retail.

WE exist to bridge the gaps between experience and industry, through three fundamental pillars: education, mentorship and innovation.

By prioritising these areas, WE cultivate a dynamic environment that empowers professionals to excel and businesses to grow.

  • Education: WE offer a rich portfolio of accelerator courses, development programs, and white-label training packages, all designed with industry knowledge in mind. This educational foundation equips our clients with the necessary skills and insights to navigate the complexities of the retail world.
  • Mentorship: Through strategic partnership of experienced leaders with up-and-coming talent, WE facilitate, trade opportunities, collaborations, knowledge-exchange and business development. WE believe that mentorship is key to personal and professional growth within the retail ecosystem.
  • Innovation: WE believe experience and innovation are the keys to overcoming the challenges of the modern retail landscape. Through tech integration, product development, and collaborative efforts, WE lead in sustainability, market expansion, and community engagement, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and growth.

WE are COCO is more than a consultancy. WE are a catalyst for transformation, committed to fostering an industry where individuals and businesses alike can achieve their full potential.