Secure your future with our 4-week accelerator, combining fashion buying, market analysis, and AI. Ideal for aspiring buyers, retail experts, and teams. Offers industry certifications, essential skills and global connections.



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Mastering the Future of Retail: AI-Powered Fashion Buying Accelerator .

This 4-week accelerator program equips participants with the latest in fashion buying, market analysis, and AI applications in retail. Ideal for aspiring buyers, retail professionals, and those keen on integrating technology with fashion, the course offers a blend of live mentorship, project work, and insights into the evolving landscape of fashion retail. Through comprehensive training, attendees will master trend forecasting, enhance analytical skills, and leverage AI for data-driven decision-making. This transformative experience promises to expand professional networks and provide the tools necessary for success in the dynamic $1.5 trillion apparel market.

Accelerator Benefits :

Connect to a network of 350 international retailers. 80% of retail jobs are filled through our connections.

Industry-recognized certification for completion and letter of reference for successful participants.

Achieve significant career growth, with certifications leading to a 50% average salary increase.


Who is this program for?

This program is designed for aspiring fashion professionals, students, corporate teams, and anyone interested in mastering the future of retail. It's ideal for those looking to break into fashion buying, elevate their retail management skills, or integrate AI into their business strategies.

What will I learn in the AI-Powered Fashion Buying Accelerator?

Participants will gain advanced knowledge and practical skills in fashion buying, market analysis, and the application of artificial intelligence in the retail sector. The curriculum covers trend forecasting, strategic market segmentation, AI-enhanced productivity, and collaborative industry projects.

How long is the program, and what is the estimated time commitment?

The program spans 4 weeks, with an estimated time commitment of 10-12 hours per week. This includes live sessions, mentorship, project work, and independent study.

Do I need to have a background in fashion or technology to enroll?

While a background in fashion or technology can be beneficial, it is not strictly required. The program is designed to accommodate participants with varying levels of experience, offering foundational knowledge as well as advanced insights.

How will this program help my career?

The program offers several career benefits, including expanding your professional network, connecting you to job opportunities and career guidance, and equipping you with cutting-edge skills in AI and fashion buying. Past participants have reported significant career growth and salary increases post-certification.

How is the program delivered?

The program combines live virtual sessions with flexible on-demand learning materials, including pre-recorded lectures, articles, case studies, and participant-created videos. It emphasizes real-world application through regular assessments, case study exercises, and mentorship from industry leaders.

What are the program's networking opportunities?

Participants will have the chance to expand their professional network to over 350 international retailers through the program. Networking opportunities include live sessions, discussion forums, and mentorship, facilitating connections with industry professionals, peers, and potential employers.

How can I apply or learn more about the program?

For more information and to apply, interested individuals can contact the Program Manager, Sheila Karim, at Further details, including program fees and enrollment deadlines, will be provided upon inquiry.





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