We are thrilled to announce that Noura Al Faqih, a seasoned buyer for Designer and Contemporary Women's Ready-to-Wear at Harvey Nichols Riyadh, has joined We Are COCO as our first consultant for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Noura brings with her a decade of rich experience in the fashion industry, having also contributed significantly at That Concept Store in Dubai.

Noura’s extensive background in buying for both men’s and women’s apparel, combined with her deep understanding of the Middle Eastern market, positions her uniquely to guide brands looking to establish or expand their presence in this vibrant region. Moreover, Noura has successfully founded and developed a linen clothing line in the UAE, catering to a diverse clientele, which further highlights her expertise in product development and market penetration.

In her own words, Noura states: “WE are COCO is a very organised platform which supports buyers to develop talent that could be successfully placed in department stores. I believe in adding value to brands and supporting their growth on a larger global scale."

Throughout her illustrious career, Noura has been instrumental in enhancing the brand mix in department stores, setting up innovative strategies for maximizing space and sales per square meter, and closely collaborating with the Majid al Futtaim group to spearhead the launch of the concept store. Her achievements are a testament to her strategic vision and her ability to foster substantial commercial growth.

Fluent in French, Arabic, and English, Noura's diverse linguistic and cultural fluency makes her an ideal mentor and commercial strategist. Her role at We Are COCO will involve leveraging her insights and experience to nurture talent and drive brand success in the Middle Eastern markets. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the goals of the Ministry of Culture's Fashion Incubation program, which seeks to empower local designers and elevate Saudi Arabia's fashion industry to global prominence.

As Noura steps into this pivotal role, she is set to not only transform how brands perceive and penetrate the Middle East market but also to contribute significantly to the cultural fabric of the region through strategic fashion initiatives. We are excited to see the growth and innovation that Noura will bring to the Middle Eastern fashion landscape under her mentorship at We Are COCO.

Please join us in welcoming Noura Al Faqih to our team. Her leadership is poised to make a profound impact on both our platform and the broader fashion industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

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