Your Brand Mentor Rebecca Thompson, joins the team as former Menswear Buyer at ASOS.

Rebecca is a Menswear buyer with 10+ years across two Global retailers and Urban Outfitters USA. She has been living and working in the US for almost 7 years so has extensive knowledge of the American market.

Rebecca is super passionate about what she does with a love for streetwear brands, sneakers and sportswear, she has worked with Streetwear brands such as Chinatown market, denim brands; Levi’s and US Heritage brands, Polo Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein and bought head to toe across the Clothing, Accessories and footwear categories.

Her career started ASOS in the UK, working with men’s denim brands, launching streetwear, buying head to toe for 6 years. She moved to Philadelphia to work for Urban Outfitters, for over 3 years, as Men’s Accessories buyer. Here she developed product under the Urban brand, bought from brands, created exclusives and grew knowledge working with stores in North America and the American market.

From Philadelphia, she moved to New York and created the role of US Brands Buyer for A new role for the company as US based market consultant for the UK. Using her knowledge of the market she helped the UK teams understand the US from competitors to customer profiles, who ASOS was in that market and highlight how different buying is in the US vs the UK.

What to expect from your time with Rebecca: 

  • Brand Review
  • Product Review & Feedback
  • Range building & curation
  • Brand development
  • Developing approach strategy for USA market
  • Product development
  • USA Customer & Market positioning
  • Price and Marketing positioning (wholesale & retail)
  • Optimize your brand for wholesale market
  • Online Sales Analysis & Reporting
  • Assortment Planning/Seasonal Strategy
  • Trend Analysis & forecasting


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