Does your makeup soothe and calm your sensitive skin? Donore by The Organic Face is the ultra-gentle, vitamin-rich cosmetics line launched by makeup artist Noreen Diani. Made with organic jojoba oil, lemon, aloe, rose hip and more, Donore cosmetics is all natural and won’t break you out!


Noreen shared, “Women don’t realize they use 12 products a day with thousands of chemicals. If the product has a fragrance, it takes 300+ chemicals to make that fragrance and the ingredients are not listed on the bottle. I had been suffering from illness for years only to find out that I was inhaling the chemical fumes in the makeup I was using. So, I tried to find something that I could work with in my kit that’s completely chemical free.”


She searched for organic makeup brands and found that many products labelled ‘organic,’ ‘natural,’ or ‘USDA certified,’ were misleading. For a product to be labelled as natural, it only needs to have 70% natural ingredients. The other 30% can be chemicals. Unlike most makeup companies, Donore makes all of their ingredients available online so you can see exactly what is going on your skin.


Noreen continues, “I was a bit of a mad scientist in the beginning. I started ordering raw bases and using natural clay and ion oxides as pigments. Although there are no chemical preservatives in the makeup, it has a two-year shelf life like all other brands. This is because we use natural preservatives like vitamin e, c, b, grapefruit, lavender, lemongrass, thyme and lots of herbal infusions. Ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Then all our makeup goes through hot and cold shelf-testing to make sure it will last in your beauty cupboard.”  


Fulfil your new year’s resolution of clear, radiant skin with Donore. All natural, vitamin rich, soothing makeup that is better for your skin and your health! Check out Donore’s variety of lip and cheek tints, pigmented eyeshadows, bronzer, blush and pressed powders exclusively at COCO MARKET.   


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 by Kara Kia 

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