Sue Shields – Fenwick, Luxury Womenswear Buying Manager

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Meet Sue Shields, Luxury Womenswear Buying Manager at Fenwick, a renowned multi-brand department store in London. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Sue specializes in curating seasonal collections for Fenwick's 8 national stores, focusing on luxury womenswear, handbags and accessories.
As an International Buyer, Sue is an expert in ready-to-wear handbags, small leathers, and soft accessories, having worked for prestigious multi-brand department stores like Harrods and Fenwick, Bond Street.
She excels in buying, merchandising, range building, price architecture, trend forecasting, and product development. Sue collaborates closely with brands during the design and sampling phase, leveraging her keen understanding of global customer tastes and demands.
She offers strategic consulting to optimise brand appeal, consumer uptake, and wholesale performance, providing honest, accurate, and insightful feedback from a buyer's perspective. Currently, Sue is consulting on various retail and brand development projects, utilizing her wealth of industry knowledge to drive success.



      • Fenwick
      • Harrods
      • Ralph Lauren


      • English 

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