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Meet Julia Hamilton, an Associate Buyer at Elyse Walker. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Julia brings a unique perspective to the West Coast retail scene. Her exceptional talent for buying has led to impressive sales and growth for the brands she works with.

Julia's experience covers the fast-paced off-price sector to high-end luxury fashion. She's currently enhancing her business skills with an MBA from UCLA, known for its prestigious program, to sharpen her buying strategies even further.

Her ability to spot the latest market trends and understand what shoppers want allows her to select items that blend upscale luxury with cutting-edge design, including unique fine jewellery that appeals to stylish consumers.

If your brand is searching for special styles or categories, especially those that represent sophisticated luxury or the newest fashion trends, Julia Hamilton is the mentor you need. Working with Julia will help refine your brand's appeal and lead you to outstanding success in the competitive fashion market.


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