WE are COCO is pleased to welcome Kristine Humbert, Luxury & Designers Buyer at 24 Sevres to its board of Brand Mentors. 

Kristine offers more than 12 years’ experience in fashion & luxury buying working for mainly multi-brand brands such as 24S (part of LVMH group) and Zalando. Starting her career in Finance offered her a great advantage to this industry.

“As a buyer, I have always wanted to give feedback to brands but never had the time with the busy buying schedule. There are a lot of amazing emerging brands that need to be put on the spotlight but just needs a bit of mentoring in specific areas such as offer, positioning, pricing strategy etc” Kristine Humbert, 24 Sevres

Kristine is able to provide insights on the specificities of how buying for online works but at the same time propose features on how to make the website as user friendly as possible. She is also able to provide input not only on the buying part but also different aspects such as e-merchandising, logistics and marketing.

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