We are COCO is pleased to welcome buyer Kimberley Walker to its board of brand mentors.

Kimberley has been a seasoned buyer and brand manager for almost a decade, working across both bricks and mortar retail and direct-to-consumer eCommerce. Having been trained in fashion design, she enjoys marrying creative thinking with commercial thinking, and driving impactful execution. Kimberley has experience purchasing, launching and managing products and brands across the APAC and US markets.

Buyers and brand managers are at the heart of the retail industry. They are the creative and commercial brains who take on a big financial responsibility to bring concepts, products and brands to life. WE are COCO allows mentors who are experts in the buying space to connect with brands who are looking for support, mentorship and someone to bounce ideas off, so that we can help shape the industry's future buyers and business leaders! ” - Kimberley Walker, Globeln, Buyer.

Kimberley specializes in fashion accessories and footwear, with some home goods experience. She can advise in areas such as reviewing product assortments, go-to-market strategies for fashion start-ups, launching new brands and helping brands establish their unique point of view. 

Kimberley is passionate about brands that push boundaries when it comes to adding function to design, as well as companies that think beyond the sale of their product. For example, brands building in and considering the sustainability impact of their product development, as well as brands that incorporate positive social impact into their business model.

Kimberley is excited to meet the next emerging designers and brand innovators, and help guide them to grow into brand leaders!


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