• Who are WE?
  • How does the MEET the BUYER initiative work?
  • How do WE connect your brand with Buyers?
  • How do MEET the BUYER sessions work?
  • What happens during a MEET the BUYER session?

Who are WE?

We are COCO, is a global showroom and brand development agency, based in London and Houston. We are the leading agency for fashion brands and businesses looking to connect with retailers and trade opportunities in new markets.

We equip brands with the tools and talents to drive sustainable sales revenue! Whether that’s direct to consumer through your own eCommerce or increasing your wholesale reach through global retailers.

Basically we help brands SELL.

WE are COCO now encompasses Men’s and Women’s Ready to Wear (RTW), Accessories, Swimwear and Resort. WE research, discover and introduce emerging talent to key retailers based on their desired search criteria.


How does the MEET the BUYER initiative work?

MEET the BUYER, is a digital 121 meeting with a buyer. This works in one of three ways.

Collaboration and Development

Develop products or collections for your dream retailer. With customers calling for sustainability, inclusivity and more trend-led products, buyers can no longer afford to be absent from the product development process. WE spend time with our retailers to understand their customers and what kind of brands or products they are searching for.

During collaborations, WE match retailers with brands who can work directly with buyers to develop products or collections that suit their global customers needs.

Working directly with the brand minimizes the risk to both the brand and the buyer, ensuring the brand will create products that SELL. It also allows our brands to build long term, sustainable relationships with key retailer, by tailoring their product to the retailers needs.



What BUYERS want! Our Brand Mentors assess your brand from end to end, ensuring your collection is ready to sell to every season. Whether you are focused on direct to consumer through eCommerce or looking to expand wholesale with global retailers, our brand mentors can curate and optimize your brand to increase your sales revenue up to 38%.

Buyers have a global snap shot of your target consumers. They make data driven decisions, based on their customers’ likes and preferences. They use this acumen to decide which brands to buy, making millions for their employers.

The Brand Mentorship program allows you exclusive access this level of talent and insight, experienced buyers who see potential in your brand or product. Giving you strategic guidance on key areas of product development, such as:

  • Range Building and Collection Curation
  • Price Structuring or Product Pricing
  • Product Development
  • Market Positioning
  • Assortment Planning
  • Sales Reporting
  • Merchandising
  • Trend Analysis
  • Omni Channel Strategies
  • Ecommerce
  • Retail Referral or Partnership Planning
  • Sustainability
  • Sourcing

Buyer Outsourcing

If you’re a brand with a large or growing eCommerce, a start-up retailer or perhaps you even have small stores and you desperately need the experience of a buyer or merchandiser, but have a limited budget, WE can support you.

WE outsource experienced buyers and merchandiser at a fraction of the cost. Pay per hour for sales analysis, trend reporting, buying and merchandising to grow your brand sustainably at a pace that you can control.

Our Buying Consultants hold experience at leading retailers, giving them global insight into consumer appetites and ensuring that your budgets are spent and managed in a way that drives consistent revenue.


How do WE connect your brand with Buyers?

WE work in two ways allowing you to be in complete control of your brands success and most importantly your budget.

MEET the BUYER, a series of 121 digital meetings, priced per session.

The SHOWROOM, brands that successfully match our retail requirements for orders are offered our monthly service, supported by our international brand representatives. Our brand reps, expand your brand profile and portfolio to our larger network of global retailers.

How do MEET the BUYER sessions work?
WE see potential. Invited brands need to complete they booking form, with all their core information and design details, at no cost. Our team will match your brand with our retail brief or your target retailer, to secure interest from our mentors for a MEET the BUYER session.

WE do all the heavy lifting to communicate your questions, areas of interest or investigate potential opportunities for collaboration. Once the brand mentor has agreed, the choice is yours to proceed with a MEETING.

 What happens during a MEET the BUYER session?

Once you have completed your booking form, our team will host an initial meeting with you to determine your needs or interest. WE spend time understanding your brand, where you want to be and HOW you want to get there. Once we understand your needs, WE will connect you with right retail match!

The focus of the meeting will depend on the buyer’s interest and the brands needs. Sessions are usually 60 minutes long, hosted by WE are COCO. All calls are held digitally and are used to explore collaboration opportunities, review collections, access brands needs etc. Brands are given the opportunity to present their collections to our mentors for collaboration, development or mentorship.

Any samples, should they be required are handled directly with the mentor via our Brand Management team.