This is a four-part brand development and collection design course set across five-week.
The course is created to help brands develop a clearer brand identity and approach to their target market, with the aim to ultimately enhance sales through B2C (direct to consumer) and B2B (wholesale) channels.
Every course is tailored to your product and brands needs. It includes various presentations followed by what we call Projects for the designer to complete.
We engage the experience and guidance of industry thought leaders and pioneers in your space. The course looks to dissect every aspect of your brand according to our in-house formula INCITE.
  • I - Industry, understanding the current market and the potential avenues for success
  • N - Numbers, clearly understanding manufacturing, and production and pricing are key to safeguarding productivity and profits
  • C - Creatives, looking at the collection and campaign holistically and ensuring brand synchronicity and messaging remain consistent throughout
  • I - Insight, leaning on market experts to ensure your products have carefully curated for certified the market appeal
  • T - Trends applying relevant style factors to increase sales 
  • E - Engagement, ensuring your messaging and branding engage your target audience
The course is set across five weeks. With a two-week design project to create your collection based on your findings and work with your core leader. Ultimately we work with your schedule. But the average session would advise two days a week with 2-3hour presentations and projects.
Please download Zoom. You must be seated at a laptop, with a share screen ability to follow the presentations. Projects will be issued at the end of each presentation.
Because sometimes, we all need to take a step back, reset and reflect on what's important to us and most importantly why we do it. We believe the whys in the world drive us and compel us to success.
Once you have completed the course, and we see the final collection. Our team would look to progress you to our online showroom, where our sales team will take your final collection to wholesale buyers in your sector around the world