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Our apprenticeship program offers a direct path to career opportunities in the luxury fashion industry, backed by accreditation and connections within our exclusive retail network. This collaboration with Farfetch, Threads Styling, and Net-a-Porter executives provides a unique advantage, including career references from the top names in fashion.

In a concise 2-hour session, you’ll get an essential overview of the fashion industry, covering brand development, market segmentation, trend analysis, and customer profiling. You'll explore buying categories and market segments, from Luxury to Fast Fashion, using tools that teach brand analysis and audience targeting.

What makes this apprenticeship stand out is the involvement of executives from Farfetch, Threads Styling, and Net-a-Porter, offering insights and networking opportunities that are second to none.

You’ll learn how to spot trends, profile customers, and understand the economic impacts on consumer behavior, equipping you with the skills for strategic brand promotion and engagement.

Concluding with a Q&A, this session ensures you leave ready to apply these insights, with the backing of industry leaders to launch your career in luxury fashion.